mayo 05, 2011

NEW Tutorial: How to create a favicon?

I now every blogger want to have their own favicon and an easy tutorial just doesn't exist, so I let You this NEW Tutorial: How to create a favicon. This is for firefox plataform.

Here the steps:

1.- Create your image/icon as a PNG or JPG {make sure that your background is transparent or white}

2.- Go to and get your account.

3.- Now log in and click "Import Image", upload your image, just make sure to pick "Keep dimensions".

4.- Scroll dawn and click "Publish under an open license" copy the code {the big one}

5.- now just paste the code in your "HTML template" look for " target and paste it above. Save ti and thats it!!!

I hope this help you guys...

2 comentarios:

Honeybee dijo...

thanks for sharing. i'll check this out later.

visiting u from theblogfrog. u have a cute pinky blog.
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Artemisa Janeth dijo...

Thank you! I hope it works 4 you!

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