agosto 27, 2011


ARTEMISA  is ME!  Is my first name, not perfect for me, but perfect for my Design Business!!!

ARTEMISA Blogs & Web born in October 2010, with Blogs and Web Design concept, little by little with the public demand has grown and now offers Design:

1.- Blogs
2.- Web
3.- on-line e-commerce
4.- Business Identity
5.- Invitations & Announcement
6.- ETSY Packages
7.- Pre-mades Templates and Logos
8.- Networking Image
9.- Flash Gallery.... and more...

MEXICAN Pride!!! Artemisa Blogs & Web is growing at international level. With very good results and pretty excited to meet people from other countries that are not only customers but there has been a beautiful friendship. Thank you for trusting me, thank you for your comments and especially to know us.

It is my pleasure to serve you and make you happy with your projects.

A little history ... why not?

In Greek mythology, Artemisa is the daughter of Leto and of Zeus, ruler of all of the gods. She is also the twin sister of the god Apollo. Artemis is one of the most widely known and worshiped of the Gods. She is known to have been venerated in almost all of the Hellenic world. In Roman mythology, her name is Diana. In the Etruscan mythological tradition, she is Artume.

As with all of the gods and goddesses, certain symbols are sacred to Artemis. Both the deer and the cypress are sacred to Artemis. Perhaps it is because Artemis is considered to be the goddess of the hunt and the wild that these forest symbols are associated with her. By displacing the Titaness Selene, Artemis also became the goddess of the moon. In artwork, Artemis is almost always painted with her sacred images and symbols. In paintings, she is usually naked, in a forest scene with deer. She may be holding or wearing a bow and quiver of arrows.

Here in Mexico ARTEMISA is "Diana the Huntress" {La Diana Cazadora}. As Diana is the protagonist of most of the performing arts, is chosen for the most beautiful paintings, because it provides the big picture of nudes and nature as she appears in most cases surrounded by her nymphs, as if it were inseparable from them, composing an irresistible fresh feminine beauty.

ARTEMISA or Diana are strong women and beautiful in all aspects of artistic and creative inspiration! They are strong and unique! Like all designs and creations irresistibly magical and create for each client. Are unique, fresh, funny and original.

Here she is:

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