octubre 19, 2011

Landing Page Giveaway STEPS!!!


Lets Celebrate 100 followers and Artemisa's Blogs & Web First Anniversary!!! Facebook Landing Page Giveaway!!!

The winner will earn:

a) Facebook's Profile image Design {it does not include Design of Logo}
b) Welcome pagen using HTML to NEW followers Design {images, links and texts}
c) Banner Design {Do not include logo or graphics}


1.- You most write a BLOG POST about "Artemisa Blogs & Web" in a comment on your Tiwetter, Facebook Fans Page, Blog or Blog Frog Profile & Community {if you have one}
2.- Your blog(s) or Fans Facebook Page must have been established for 6 months or more and have at least 50 followers.
3.- Post can be about my services, about "Artemisa Blogs & Web" in general, about blog designs, my freebies, tutorials, etc... as long as it links to artemisablogdesign.blogspot.com 
4.- Add as a Follower in "Artemisa Blogs & Web"
5.- Click on "Me gusta" {I like it} in the facebook page.
6.- Paste the URL of your BLOG POST or COMENT about "Artemisa Blogs & Web" in a comment on the facebook page. If you make more than 1 post, please paste every link in a diferent comment. The more you pots you make, more opportunities you will have to Win!!!

***Do not include any Logo Design or ilustration from iStockphoto {you have to buy it by your self}

I will pick up the WINNER and I'll post it on Monday October 31th at my Blog Frog Community, Facebook Page, Twitter and Artemisa Blogs & Web Site.!!

 Good Luck guys and dolls!!!

2 comentarios:

William Grandee dijo...

ok....amazing...i´m preparing my post about Artemisa blogs in http://utilidadeswebblog.com, its published in my fanpage (3,421 fans), 2 twitters accounts (600+ followers), 4 facebook friends profiles, 5 communities....... continué ...jaja ...XD.

Janeth dijo...

OMG!!! Thats the attitud!!! thank you so much and Welcome to my GIVEAWAY.... Feel free to back anytime you want!!!

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