marzo 06, 2011

About Me

Hi Welcome to "Artemisa Blogs & Web", my name is A. Janeth Mendiola Carmona, Im a  Graphic & Web Designer, my latest hobby and skill acquire is "Blog Design" {backgrounds and networking images like facebook, twitter, Blog Frog, etc...-}

ARTEMISA is my first name, is the Greek Goddess of the Hunt, here in Mexico is the {Diana Cazadora}. I never use that name cause it sounds so serious and hard, but I always knew it was special, but I didn't know why? and vuala the reason came up?
My career and speciality are my passion. I love Design!!! Im a Graphic Design Teacher in the morning and do my best in each project. I love to creat, transform and match colors. 
I Design for Web, also for Logos, Brand Identity, Business Interiors, Stationary, Advertise, etc...

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