junio 13, 2011

Free POST DIVIDERS for Blogger!

New FREE Post Dividers, use them on your Blog they look so cute and thy can match with the Sidebar titles!

Steps to install your post divider:

1.- Click the post divider you want and save it. You need to upload it to photobucket and grab your "Direct Link Code". Then go to your Dashboard Blog > Design > Edit HTML page seccion and find this part of the CODE: .post {
(you can press CTRL-F to find it)

2.- Now, add these lines:

background: url(Your Direct Link Code Here);
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-position: bottom center;

3.- Make sure to change the "Border-bottom" to 0px:
border-bottom: 0px dotted $bordercolor;

4.- Change your padding-bottom to suit your post divider about 25px, if this is to much decrease the number of pixels or vice versa. You may just have to play with it a little bit.

5.- SAVE it and thats it!!!

Here the Post Dividers:


5 comentarios:

Zuzmen dijo...

Hi, I love your apple divider! I would like to put it on my blog, but in my HTML code I can't find that part of code (.post { ). It is just not there, even if I use that Find button... What can I do?

Janeth dijo...

Hi Zuzmen! Thank you for your comment, try to find "post-footer", if this doesnt help I need to take a look to your code, can you please copy all your HTML code and paste it in a blank mail for me at: hollyarte_jnth@hotmail.com

ebullient lullaby dijo...

the thank you post divider is totally cute and colorful. i love its font. can you tell me what is the font name? keep up the good work! :)

Janeth dijo...

Thank You so much for your comment, the font name is: smile monster

Friedelchen dijo...

Thanks, they look lovely! :-)

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